Lake Sylvia is a great place to hang out in the winter. Everything is closed. The girls had the place all to themselves.

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Camping at Buffalo Point

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Porch Music

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Girls Growing Up

I wish I could stop time and keep these girls at their current age.



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Mount Nebo in March

The wife was very busy with school, and the girls and I needed a break. We rented a cabin in Mount Nebo State Park and had a great time. Lots of stuff for kids to do up there.


sunset tree

mount nebo arkansas cabin

phone reflection

old bottle found near cabin

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Hot Springs Dirtbike Ride

The tax man was generous this year, and I was able to squirrel away some money for a dirtbike before my wife realized the funds were needed for other things.
So, ..I got a cheap used Honda CRF 230. …A girl bike by most standards, but a bike nonetheless.

Got together with some friends and rode from my brother’s house in Pearcy, all the way to Ross Foundation land out beyond Highway 7 in Hot Springs. It’s crazy how far you can make it without using any recognizable “roads”. This involves various forms of trespassing, gate crashing, and wilderness trail blazing.

I like my girl bike.

gps overlay of the ride

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Buffalo River, Spring Creek to Rush

Rush Buffalo River

This is one my my fav photographs. Jeremy and Corey are up in the foreground, fiddling away their time where Rush Creek runs into the Buffalo River. We were waiting for our ride after a three-day float.

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Walking with my Girls

Images and audio from June 30, 2009. I was taking some quick shots of an afternoon walk, and on a whim decided to capture sound with the Voice Memo iPhone app. ..17 months later I ran across the audio file and was able to dig up the corresponding photos from that day. ..Wouldn’t trade iLife / Mac setup for anything.

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Like a Boss

Clint’s wedding at Toledo Bend. Corey sits next to Amanda and doesn’t acknowledge her presence for what seems like an hour. This is the Stephens strategy.

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Little Rock IMAX No More

The end of an era. Over the holiday break I wanted my girls (age 2 and 4) to experience a great IMAX documentary. We made plans to go on a weekend, and showed up for a 7 o’clock showing of The Living Sea. To our surprise, a note on the door said that TODAY was the LAST day that the Aerospace Education Center would be open. Forever. Very sad.

So we sat there in the dark, an empty theatre outside of TWO other people, for the last ever showing of an IMAX movie at the Aerospace Education Center. The movie ran, and my girls were blown away. They’ve brought it up in conversation weeks later.

I can say with certainty that one of the top 5 experiences of my life thusfar, was watching the Blue Planet as a teenager with my family at the Aerospace Education Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m sad to see the place go. Of course, there is a newer, smaller IMAX theatre in town, but it isn’t the type of place that runs documentary films. Sigh.

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