Monday, April 30

a great new quote:

"The creator of a new composition in the arts is an outlaw until he is
a classic, there is hardly a moment in between." - Gertrude Stein

So the journey was made yet again to Missourri this weekend, this time not with matt but with josh. All of my friends are running in a pack of lemmings, towards a big eternal cliff of married bondage. I'm so far behind I can't even make out the lemming footprints or smell the lemming scent in the dirt.
For me there is no cliff in sight, and from this vantage point I am clearly beginning to see the pros and cons of either form of bondage.

Thursday, April 26

I want this shirt.
....almost as bad as not wanting to spend any time in one of those cajun prisons.

Tuesday, April 24

The latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the population.

Monday, April 23

So it's off to work tommorow, and in between various humiliating tasks, I'll keep working on the United Sanitay website. I'm going about the whole project in the wrong way. There should've been a period of planning and design, ...before I started hacking out all the code and graphics. It's not really that bad though, ..for what is needed.

Planning on developing some server side includes to manage all the content. It would take a mountain of labor just to keep updating the site with so many changing products and updates, so things have to be done correctly. It should be fun.

Cool. It seems that matt is a pretty skilled on a bike.

hmmm,... .. trying to think back to when I was 8-17 yrs old. What activity was I good at?

...., lots'a stuff. But not absolutely great at anything. There's a pattern developing here.
Drew talking to himself: FOCUS, moron.

Drew recieved an email today from a very funny person. It reads as follows:

Please pass this on. There is another scam going on out there. You should send this to any women you know and care about. I don't normally forward warnings about scams, but this one looks important...

If a man comes to your door and says he is conducting a survey and asks you to show him your breasts, DO NOT SHOW HIM YOUR BREASTS.
This is a scam. He is only trying to see your breasts.

Thank you.

what else would I be doing at 2:20 am?

more interesting quotes, which I cleverly "stolded" from swallowing tacks I like the site. ..very muchly indeed. Drew shall visit the tacks ..often.

Sitting quietly, doing nothing,
spring comes, and the grass
grows all by itself.
—Zen saying

She had a pretty gift for quotation, which is a serviceable substitute for wit. —W. Somerset Maugham

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal. —Albert Camus

A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something. —Wilson Mizner

CNN is one of the participants in the war. I have a fantasy where Ted Turner is elected president but refuses because he doesn't want to give up power. —Arthur C. Clarke

I like people who refuse to speak until they are ready to speak. —Lillian Hellman

Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes. —Henry David Thoreau

We don't know a millionth of one percent about anything. —Thomas A. Edison

Sunday, April 22

Things That Drew Knows:(#574)
There are 4 ways to install weedeater string on your average Sthil brushcutter. And only one of those ways is the right way.

Drew's Questions to the World:(#235,436)
Why, has Drew never picked up a weadeater from his "associates" that has the string installed correctly? Why God Why?!

And of course, cannot grasp the full spectrum of stick fighting without viewing: THIS

Is it just me, or is stickdeath not one of the coolest places on the net?

My personal picks: "Heart"
and who could leave out: "Greenville Cruise"

I don't think it matters how "mature" drew ever becomes, stuff like this will always be funny to some degree.

Friday, April 20

Something very thought-provoking from the onion

6,000-Year-Old Culture Now A 'Developing Nation'

Wednesday, April 18

Something cool from Freadshead:

A Lesson in Print

Today was the dreaded Junior Review. It went well. ..,It could've been worse. ..lotsa worse. Drew needs to focus on his schoolwork like never before; a porfolio is something that I just might need.
....Effort, should be involved, in planning and fine tuning future projects. It will be just so.

After the student art show this afternoon, the newest edition of Print magazine in the library was very cool. ..GREAT article about Tibor.

Today is/was spent steadily working on screenprinting assignments and the Macromedia Director "Oracle"animation. It takes me awhile to get focused, but then it seems like whenever I DO get focused (which is very ..very rare) it's just as hard to pull myself away from the project when it's time to eat/sleep/urinate.
Concentration is like a drug for me. It only comes around once in awhile, so I tend to gorge on it whenever it arrives, .. like a hungy caveman who hasn't eaten in 5 days. Such a rush.

Zeldman's new book should be coming UPS anytime now, but there's also a whole chapter (pdf) available for download. I can tell this book is going to be great. "very much great".

Monday, April 16

4 new quotes:
1. A man with ambition can do more with a rusty screwdriver than a loafer with a shop full of tools.
2. Faith is knowing there is an ocean because you have seen a brook.
3. Wise people sometimes change their minds---fools, never.
4. An apology is a good way to have the last word.

Sunday, April 15

Something from wednesday that didn't get posted. go figure.
7:10 am: attemp to get out of bed
7:36 am: get out of bed
7:42 am: drive ...stop at the "Donut Hole" and pay $5 for breakfast that can only be described as "tastebud bliss
8:15 am: arrive at school. go to DAD lab (digital arts & design) and work up design for two-color screenprinting assignment. Print out finished design on laser-jet transparency sheet. wait, printer is giving me the "i'm not going to put out" rutine. ..,FINE then, I'll pop you open and shake your bulky fat ink cartridge around......, right. I knew you'd come around.
10:00 am: turn in two Design II assignments. ..paint. ..,paint..., paint....throw painting away.
11:30: am: go to bookstore to buy folder-inserts.....dang, 0.75 a piece. Whoa, a discount book 45c book..., just HAD to purchase. ..,funny stuff.
12:00 pm: I'm informed we're reviewing for a philosophy test, so I attend philosophy class. ..It's hard to take notes on this stuff. What am I even DOING here?
12:43 pm: go check hotmail. find funny Dukes of Hazzard
1:00 pm: Photo II class. "turn in" some experemental lab work....toning, solarization, multiple exposure prints. Find out we've got 2 more BIG photo projects in the last 4 weeks of school...also get reminded of Junior Review in 1 week, an art student ritual whereby I shall enter a closed room with all of my art proffessors and they shall view 15 pieces of my work...whereby they will suggest: "have you ever thought about a change in major to business, maybe nursing...."?
2:00 pm: go back "up the hill". Again work on transparency printouts..shake, shake, curse, shake, .."now printing". cool.
2:30 pm: go back "down the hill". Use transparencies in the photo lab instead of the screenprinting room. WOW. Drew learns that he can print out a "negative" of a black and white image onto transparency, and expose that transparency onto photo paper, thereby making a perfect positive duplicate print. RAD.
4:40 pm: keep making photos. Expose a sheet so much that if it's put into the developer, it will turn pitch black, but instead, dip hand in developer, and put hand on paper. really cool delicate hand print with all the thumbprint-like lines. hmmmm...that was cool. It was alot harder to stick my foot in the developer. ..,this required circus-freak-like agility. THESE PRINTS ARE KICKIN.
7:35 pm: go back "up the hill" to DAD lab. Work on Macromedia Director piece for HSU newspaper website. This thing is quite steps.
8:40 pm: Drive to weekly "janitor man" jobs. Make $50.
10:23 pm: Guns n Roses "Patience" highlights the drive home. Drew never gets tired of that song, for he doesn't overplay it.
11:00 pm: HOME. Pop in new cd that came in today. I saw a thing on the news about how it was the number 1 album in the United Kingdom ..., I can see/hear why. Mom will like this album ..., I will/already do like this album. wow.
11:30 pm: listen to cd, and do weblog thing.
11:34 pm: collin takes over computer to "check his mail". that's code-speak for "waste time on MSN messenger chatting with jailbait. ouch.

Saturday, April 14

Corey went to Lake Ouachita with Clint today....It's been cloudy and raining all day....sucker..

There's 'sposed' to be some kind of party in Arkadelphia today. Collin shall go. ..,Drew shall pass. Jason n Ginger say they're coming over this afternoon. Perhaps a some kind of dvd will be viewed. Besides, there are some things that I need to get started on.
A portfolio page for thisisdrew has been something on my mind alot lately. ..just mulling over some design possibilities until I set my mind on how it should look and function.

And sometime soon there are some aspects of this site that just have to be retired. Goatmania, the Barnyard Shoot'em Up, that stupid My Portrait thing, Current Movie Projects, and maybe even the Photo Freaks are all out the door and into the cellar. They just don't seem to fit anymore, and haven't for a very long time.

The corey n collin spots are on the verge of 'by by' as well. What good are they if they aren't updated at least once every two weeks?

Those knotheads waste all their time on instant messenger anyway, ..morons. Drew's thinking about saving logs of all those moronic "conversations" they have with other morons and posting them somewhere for all to see. That would be funny.
And so guys, you're hereby warned: don't forget to log out. ..."that's the sound of drew laughing like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.

Friday, April 13

Gobi 'sgot a great site. It reminds me that a person doesn't have to take any design classes to be a designer. I'm thinking he's a computer science major here at Henderson, who also just happens to have a flair for making my little site look cheap and unrefined. I know, that statement is somewhat of a stretch, but he's obviously way ahead of me when it comes to visual/digital/design architecture...for whatever that means.

It's interesting to think about it though, being formally educated in a field does not necessarily put you ahead of someone who just practices it for the sake of passion or hobby. Come to think of it, looking back on my "education", the majority of the skills/knowledge that I've picked up over the years haven't really come from college instructors, but instead from reading visual arts publications and being actively involved with my own personal projects and wanderings. However as of today, I'm under the impression that the best lessons i've learned at school are the ones that deal with how an artist actually goes about his craft and how he progresses and views his work. School has given me some valueble foundations to build on, ..foundations that couldn't have been built at home in a dark monitor-lit room.

I guess how a designer goes about working and how he views his work/progress is sometimes just as important as the actual work itself. In the end, college will give a person the time and opportunity to become better, along with the guiding example of those who are better.

it's just funny to think about the fact that if I was going to hire a digital artist, I'd hire Gobi over Drew anyday.

no wait: a whole Worm Farming catagory.

As an Arkansas editor of The Open Directory Project, I sometimes come upon some pretty strange websites seeking to be listed. This has got to be one of the strangest yet:
Arkansas Cave Worms - "We specialize in Red Worms and sell them at a very reasonable price."

A guy walks into a psychologist's office wearing nothing but shrinkwrap and says: "doc, I've got a problem."
"Yes you do" said the psychologist. "..I can clearly see you're nuts."

Thursday, April 12

Digital Web:
How would you define creativity?

Simply - one who displays productive originality.

Wednesday, April 11

Ask The Voice-Over From The Dukes Of Hazzard

How to make the best paper airplane in the world

All kinds of school stuff, ...TO DO. So it shall all be done ..TODAY.
Turn in 3 assignments, ...TOMORROW.
It's dark windy and raining, ..GOOD.
Things shall be accomplished, ... INSIDE.

Tuesday, April 10


Sunday, April 8

wow. This statement seems to sum up a large portion of what "we're" all about:
"Whether we're in the market for cars, clothes, or off-road running shoes, we are a nation of naked emperors, unable to distinguish between want and need, between actual utility and simply looking the part."

Paul Roberts ; Harper's Magazine

Tonight is one of those perfect, breezy-full-moon-springtime-nights. ..,and we're all inside.
It was a nice day though. People came today to help install the three bay doors on the RBC building, and it was interesting to watch/help. Doors are cool .., especially the big kind.
One of the door-guys told a story about one of his co-workers who lost the ability to sweat on the left hemisphere of his face. Whenever he would get hot, one side of his face would sweat profusely, while the other would just get red. Apparently, this man had taken one step too many on a ladder, ..banged the top of his head on a beam, and while operating on his head, the doctor made 1 too many cuts. Only able to sweat on one side of his face....if he was a character on Seinfeld, he'd of been known as the "half-sweater".

It'll be nice to have our deck back though. It's been stacked full of electical tools/materials for longer than we can remember, and all that stuff can soon be stored in the new building ...behind the three big doors.

Justin finally took us for a ride in his lowrider-Corvair. ..,It's been a long time since I've been around a corner that fast without the slightest hint of skidding out. The torque that little car puts out was a test to my nerves to say the least. wow

And then it was home to sit in front of the tv for an hour. There was a Jack Nicholson movie on UPN that was pretty good. Something Jack said in that movie struck me as "greatly true". It's been on my mind alot today. During this particular scene, there were people standing around complaining about how old-fashioned a woman's costume was, and wanting her to leave the stage. Then he said something about how they were all very mistaken, and how they should not "make fun of tradition. Without tradition, new things die." That statement seems to carry some very deep meaning with it. ..,"Without tradition, new things die." hmmm.

So off to Matt's, to watch a DVD and eat barbeque sandwiches. Other than 1 cool car-crash sequence, Charlie's Angels sucks massively. I feel very sorry for anyone who sees anything in this movie beyond the hot cast. ..And collin goes and gets chopped barbeque sandwhiches with no actual barbeque sauce. There's nothing like a dry chopped beef sandwich. "Wow, this is great, ..collin you suck."

Friday, April 6

no wait a minute. Now "I" have my own store. This is going to be great. We're all going to get filthy rich i tell you, ..filthy freakin rich.


Last week during an ultra boring philosophy lecture, there arose a question in my mind: what could I write about while pretending to take notes?

ill-iterations second in a series.

Thursday, April 5

things are fixin ta heat up around here. C&C now have the ability to publicly shame me on own page.
...checks and balances...checks and balances.
Will add "discuss" feature and "archives" for them later tonight or tommorrow.
Drew = freaking nerd.

It's 1:45 am, fresh off a hot meal of 1 large blueberry muffin and a half bag of m&ms washed down with a glass of blue coolade, and I have come to the conclusion that the thisisdrew domain name has joined the circus, and spends most of it's time riding a dns tilta'whilr. Drew is in a very confusing dark room of endless ingnorance.

(pops in radiohead "the bends" and falls on a bed of tangled thick winter blankets that now only multiply the sleep preventing sweaty HEAT of south arkansas.)

Wednesday, April 4

thinking about how to incorporate corey n collins blog boxes somewhere around here....hmm. These things must wait until after "all that school crap" is finished.
..,thinking about putting other people on here too, but for now we shall include only blood relatives or those freely handing me large sums of cash.
I'm thinking two separate "boxes" called the "Collin Spot" and the "Corey Spot". No wait: "Flexographer" and "Soggy_corndog" ..yeah that's it

s l e e p
no wait....hmmmm. I just switched the blogvoices (discuss feature) from the geocities account to the new webhost. It seems that the "comment counts" don't work anymore...for good. So there will be no more instantly knowing if somebody has replied to posts. But...the comment counts were the main culprit in making the site take so long to load. It's an ok trade, but I want the discuss counts back. oh well. can't complain about something that's free.
now.. s l e e p

oh yeah! is no longer tainted by geocities.
Things will be better. ..,not good, certainly not great, ..but better.
All that "server side" stuff is now possible. So corey and collin: you can finally get your stupid little mini-blog thang goin on ..,as soon as I code it in. (nerd that I am)
and...... just had to go. It'll be nice to have
I've got the option of having 24 other separate POP3 email accounts with the new webhost, so if anybody wants to get one, ...or maybe etc...

I've got this strange thrilling sensation about all the new webhost features to play with. It could be compared to discovering that your dirtbike has a 6th gear that you've never known about. ..,but now you do know about it..... time to pop the clutch and hit the power band at 90.

Monday, April 2

We had to turn in our design II notebooks today. the cover

Sunday, April 1

Besides socially reverting back to the age of 14, yesterday was in interesting day.
Miles has an interesting habit of showing me a different side of things. It was somewhat refreshing. ..,I guess.
The weekend before, it was like everyone knew me, and had something to say. There were old and new friends, ..everywhere. ..very ego-lifting. But this week was quite different. And quite different is an understatement.
Saturday reminded me that noplace is very valueble if there's nobody there to share it with.

It didn't even cross my mind as we rushed back to Jason & Selena's baby shower that we weren't bringing any kind of gift.
Not to mention mom and dad's anniversary was yesterday. ...any kind of gift.
It's time to grow up.